“He was ashamed”: a high-tech world official in a firm message to Benjamin Netanyahu

“He was ashamed”: a high-tech world official in a firm message to Benjamin Netanyahu

The legal reform: As part of the fight against the legal reform promoted by Justice Minister Yariv Levin, former senior public service officials sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the subject. Among other things, they claimed in the letter that the reform would lead to “irreparable damage to the Israeli economy”.

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Shaul Meridor, one of the signatories of the letter and former head of the budget department at the Treasury and now VP of Leitrix, spoke this morning (Tuesday) with Anat Davidov and Gideon Oko on their program on 103FM, and commented on its content: “What makes it unique is that there are many CEOs in the public service , most of them worked under Netanyahu in the various governments. We know the public service very well, the checks and balances, and the reading here is really a serious warning in the face of this abyss that we are all rushing into because of a coup that they want to do quickly, change the rules, and get a government without checks and balances.” .

“It’s very easy to try to paint a sectarian, right or left, I don’t know if you know this profession of CEOs, economists, I don’t know a famous person who is ready to say that this reform is good. Those who know the Budget Division know that we believe that in every public system reforms and changes should be promoted,” he noted.

However, he attacked the government and clarified: “What is being promoted here is a coup, not a reform. This is also the way, especially the essence of a complete violation of all the balances and brakes that exist on government. It looks terrible from above, but in the end you have to remember, it doesn’t matter if you are right-wing or the left, being a citizen in front of a government that has a lot of power in its hands can be a very dangerous thing.”

He delivered a firm message to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: “If I could go back in time, I would take the Netanyahu of the years I knew and tell him, ‘Go talk to this Netanyahu.’

In conclusion, he said: “In the end, I believe that the public, a public protest, and the warnings, both of us and of international bodies, will penetrate the armor of the government’s speed and coup. If this does not happen, I am very worried about what will happen to Israeli society, our democracy and the Israeli economy.”

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