“He won’t have an extra dose”

Pfizer BionTech vaccine, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi was very hard on the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz during the discussion in the course of the European Council on the distribution of the anti Covid vaccine doses that will arrive more in the second quarter. Draghi, time.news learns from a European diplomatic source, was the first to reply to the Austrian chancellor who asked for a change in the way of allocating the doses. After the intervention of the Croatian Andrej Plenkovic, the Italian premier took the floor, the source said, and indicated that the chancellor was weakening Europe from within, at a time when we need to be united. Kurz “will not get a single extra dose” of what Austria is entitled to under the pro quota distribution key, Draghi said according to the source.. Kurz has been the most ‘vocal’ critic of vaccine distribution in the EU for weeks: like other countries, he has focused more on AstraZeneca when purchasing and for this reason in the second quarter he will have to face a dose gap compared to others Countries, due to the cuts of the Anglo-Swedish company. In recent weeks, he has distinguished himself by announcing, together with the Danish Mette Fredriksen, an agreement with Israel aimed at producing vaccines.


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