Health and well-being: swimming is good for (almost) everyone

Among the various sports activities, swimming is one of the most complete. It offers the benefits of aerobic activities, increases strength and reduces fat mass in favor of muscle mass. Furthermore, being performed in the absence of gravity, it allows not to overload the joints.

In particular:
improves the respiratory capacity; favors the relaxation and has positive effects on mood; increases the resistence, the force and the muscle flexibility; allows you to burn a lot of calories, depending on the style practiced and the pace of training; does not stress the joints, therefore also suitable for obese people or in the presence of musculoskeletal problems.

Puts thecardiovascular system, with positive effects on heart rate and blood pressure; reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers the levels of cholesterol e triglycerides in the blood; involves the whole body and almost tones all muscle groups, to varying degrees depending on the style practiced.



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