Health recalls vanilla ice cream for containing metal fragments

Health recalls vanilla ice cream for containing metal fragments

2023-11-20 16:54:44

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) has communicated an alert sent by the German health authorities regarding the presence of metal fragments in a vanilla ice cream from the Bon Gelati brand, from the German country.

The distribution company (Lidl) has also published a note about the withdrawal on their web portal in which all the details about the incident are specified.

What is the affected product?

Specifically, the product involved is the ‘Bon Gelati Bourbon Vanilla Flavour’ ice cream from the Bon Gelati brand, sold in a 2500 ml plastic tub, and the lots affected by the alert are L3 275 A01 with an expiration date: 09/21/2025 and L3 276 A01 with expiration date 09/22/2025.

This information has been transferred to the competent authorities of the autonomous communities through the Coordinated System for Rapid Information Exchange (SCIRI) in order to verify the withdrawal of the affected products from marketing channels.

Likewise, AESAN warns people who may have the product in their homes to refrain from consuming them. For its part, Lidl Spain has reported that the food has already been withdrawn and has announced that all consumers who return the product will be refunded the purchase price, even without presenting the receipt. On the other hand, it has clarified that no other Bon Gelati product has been affected by this alert.

The presence of foreign elements in food, and specifically metal fragments, may pose a certain risk of injury or poisoning, depending on the specific material found in the food. Therefore, to the extent that they are detected, it is considered important to avoid the consumption of these products.

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AESAN. Alert for the presence of metal fragments in ice cream from Germany. (Ref.ES2023/299) (2023). Consulted online on November 20, 2023.

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