Heart and Covid: treatment and prevention in times of pandemics

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Diseases “forgotten” due to the pandemic: the point on cardiological and vascular pathologies – edited by Luigi Ripamonti /Courier TV

Due to the Covid-19 emergency in recent months some diseases have been, at least to some extent, “forgotten”. Among these, those concerning the heart and vessels, which remain the leading cause of death in industrialized countries but which can be prevented and treated effectively like few others, thanks to the adoption of correct lifestyles, early diagnosis and the availability of treatments. more and more targeted. We talk about these issues with Domenico Gabrielli, president of the National Association of Hospital Cardiologists (Anmco), and Ciro Indolfi, president of the Italian Society of Cardiology (Sic). Moderated by Luigi Ripamonti, editorial manager of “Corriere Salute”.


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