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from Antonella Sparvoli

More than a million people have been affected in Italy. Heart failure is the leading cause of hospitalization. Rapid weight gain, difficulty in breathing, generalized fatigue symptoms

In Italy it heart failure affects more than a million people and represents the first cause of hospitalization, after natural childbirth. Not only, five years after diagnosis, one in two patients goes to death, with a worse prognosis than pancreatic or lung cancer. However, earlier diagnosis, new therapies on the horizon and an optimization of the treatments already available could help reduce the impact of this syndrome, improving the quality of life and the prospects of patients. This was recalled by the experts recently gathered in Bergamo, at the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, in three days on the “gray areas” of this syndrome, or those aspects that have not yet been investigated or remained unanswered in the recent guidelines created by the European Society of Cardiology.

At the same time, an awareness campaign has just ended on the patient front. The Italian Heart Failure Association (Aisc) has in fact set up an itinerant information point that stopped off in various Italian cities (www.associazioneaisc.org). On the camper used as an outpatient clinic, with a doctor and nurses on board, it was possible to offer a check-up visit and information material on the pathology, also to start an appropriate prevention activity.

He struggles to breathe under stress or even at rest, rapid weight gain in a few days and swelling in the legs are the most typical manifestations, to which is added a feeling of generalized fatigue.

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