Heart, fewer journeys of hope to the North, Healthcare is rediscovered in the South

Among the numerous effects of Covid-19 is the drastic decrease in voyages of hopeto the Northern regions in terms of health care. According to the Ministry of Health, until the beginning of last year Lombardy was among the most sought after destinations by Campania patients with a cost for the Region of 319 million euros / year. Among the diseases prone to passive health migration in fact there are those of the cardiovascular system such as degenerative aortic stenosis, a serious pathology of a heart valve for which therapy is increasingly resorted to TAVI (the replacement of the aortic valve through a catheter) instead of the more invasive and classic intervention of open heart surgery.

From surveys carried out in hospitals on the national territory on the activity carried out in this particular past year, it emerges that, compared to the previous year in Campania, not only the reduction in the number of TAVI systems was very limited, but some hospitals even recorded an increase in interventions. This is the case of the Pinetagrande hospital in Castelvolturno which recorded a 20% increase in its TAVI plants. Arturo Giordano, director of the Cardiovascular Intervention Department of the Pineta Grande hospital unit explains the phenomenon in this way: “Many patients used to go to the North for treatment in this period, if on the one hand they could not move, on the other hand they decided not to “wait for better times” to be treated. Wise decision because degenerative aortic stenosis if neglected can also lead to death: among the over 75 in fact the prevalence of the disease is higher than 3% and only in Campania about 4000 people suffer from it with very high annual mortality if not treated. Judging from our data in this difficult year, it is clear that the people of Campania have listened to the suggestions of their cardiologists to be treated in good time and evidently have chosen to do so here in Campania where we have facilities that can be counted among the national excellences. In particular, in the Interventional Cardiology Center of the Pineta Grande Presidium we have been very involved for years in the clinical and scientific activity of the minimally invasive treatment of structural heart disease, so much so that we are among the first centers in Italy “.

In a certain sense, Covid has contributed to ensuring that Campania also discovers the high level of its health facilities. In this way, waiting times for treatment have also been reduced for each patient, without calculating the reduction of the enormous economic bleeding that clinical migration causes. SAccording to the Ministry of Health, in fact, the global flight from the South until before Covid created a turnover of about 4.3 billion euros with Lombardy and Emilia Romagna among the most “coveted” regions. Conversely, among the regions that presented a negative balance, that is, that they spent more for treatments outside the region of their citizens than what they collected for citizens from other regions, Campania was in first place followed by Calabria with 280 million. euros and from Lazio with 215 million.


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