Heat, clouds and drizzle: tomorrow’s weather forecast

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Winter has already arrived, and is barely noticeable. The evening and night the weather will be clear and cool, towards morning it will become partly cloudy and there may be a local drizzle. A shallow channel in southern Turkey will cause clouds to increase in our region tomorrow. Tomorrow (Thursday) it will be partly cloudy and there may be a local drizzle. Temperatures will be slightly higher than the average for the period, according to Meteo Tech forecaster Tzachi Waxman.

The predicted temperatures for tonight and tomorrow

Kiryat Shmona 23-12

Katzrin 20-9

Safed 18-11

Tiberias 25-13

Nazareth 21-13

Haifa 23-15

Tel Aviv 23-14

Jerusalem 20-12

Ashkelon 23-15

Ein Gedi 25-18

Be’er Sheva 24-12

Earth 21-11

Mitzpe Ramon 20-11

Eilat 28-18


Partly cloudy to clear, in the north of the country there may be drizzle.


Bright and apply to it in temperatures, will get hotter than usual for the season and dry.


Significantly warmer than usual for the season, high clouds will partially cover the sky.


The heat wave will increase, conditions will prevail in most areas of the country, except in the mountains, and temperatures will be high.

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