Heavy Rain in Jönköping and Halland Counties: Flash Flood Warnings Issued

Heavy Rain in Jönköping and Halland Counties: Flash Flood Warnings Issued

Heavy Rain Causes Flooding in Jönköping and Halland Counties

Updated at 18:28 | Published at 2:53 p.m.

Heavy rain has been pouring in Jönköping County and Halland County for the past 24 hours, resulting in significant rainfall measurements of up to 70 millimeters in some areas.

A low-pressure system originating from the southwest has brought along heavy rain and thunderstorms. Meteorologist Hanna Winge from Klart.se warns that this system will continue to move across Gothenburg and Stockholm, with localized rainfalls of approximately 30 millimeters.

As early as 2 p.m., the rescue service had already received around 15 alarms. Places such as Gislaved, Nässjö, Vaggeryd, and Gnosjö have been heavily affected by the ongoing rainy weather. Fredrik Björnberg, the on-duty rescue manager, reports that many households have experienced flooding in their basements.

Marie Staerk, the meteorologist on duty at SMHI, explains that both Halland County and Jönköping County have been hit by torrential rain. In the past 24 hours, Halland County alone has recorded up to 70 millimeters of rain. Staerk also highlights that Ullared in Halland recorded an intense 40 millimeters of rain within just one hour.

The rain is expected to continue moving northeast into central Sweden during the evening. Northern Östergötland, Sörmland, and southern Uppland are predicted to experience heavy rainfall. However, the intensity is expected to decrease before moving out to sea.

Authorities have not issued any land warnings regarding the rainfall. Nevertheless, strong winds are expected in the Skagerak, Kattegat, and the Baltic Sea. SMHI has issued yellow gale warnings for these areas.

For a detailed forecast of the entire country, please refer to the map below.

Stay safe and take necessary precautions if you are in the affected regions.


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