Heavy rains led to flooding at Sheremetyevo and delayed flights

The runways of the Sheremetyevo airport are flooded with rain in Moscow and the region. According to the Yandex.Respisanie service, 27 flights were delayed or canceled at the airport.

The planes from Simferopol, Samara and Kaliningrad, which were supposed to land during a downpour, landed late, according to the Sheremetyevo online board. In total, 25 flights were delayed by 15:50, two were canceled. Earlier, a RIA Novosti source in the emergency services claimed that precipitation did not interfere with the takeoff and landing of aircraft, and they were proceeding normally.

Representatives of Sheremetyevo did not comment on the problem due to bad weather. Disruptions were also reported at other Moscow airports: six flights were canceled at Domodedovo during the rain, and one at Vnukovo.

Downpour and thunderstorms hit some areas of Moscow on the afternoon of July 15, after several days of heat. The leading employee of the Phobos weather center, Yevgeny Tishkovets, said that the rainy weather will continue in the coming days.



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