Hebrew News – A source close to Kenya West reveals: “He’s not happy with sacks moving on”

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An acquaintance of Kenya West reveals: “He is not satisfied with sacks and moves on”

After long weeks of rumors, paparazzi photos that leave little room for doubt, and close to the trash star who said that Kimi is completely in love, it seems that it is already pretty clear to the whole world, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson completely together. But there are those who are not happy with this whole story, and that is Kenya West

Earlier this week a close associate of reality star Kim Kardashian confirmed that she is indeed in a fresh and hot relationship with comedian Pete Davidson. The confirmation comes after weeks of rumors that have managed to flood all over the network, and hundreds of paparazzi photographers waiting for two in every corner, documenting them walking together close, holding hands, and looking in love.

As you may recall, in January Kim Kardashian announced that she and her husband, rapper Kenya West, had decided to divorce after six years of marriage and four children together. Now, an acquaintance of Kenya tells how the single rapper feels: ‘Kenya is not happy, to say the least. It’s hard for him to keep going, and everything that happens to Pete seems serious. ‘

He added that West was very upset that Pete had been invited to the home of Chris Jenner, Kim’s mother, where, as I recall, we organized a festive and special birthday party for him, including a pajama party. “Kenya feels weird with this whole story, especially with the fact that Pete was at Chris’ house, after all, he’s the grandmother of his children,” an acquaintance concluded.

As is well known, Kim Kardashian organized a festive pajama party in honor of Pete’s 28th birthday, at her mother’s house, a very surprising move which managed to arouse a lot of interest among the fans who are just waiting for the first romantic picture of the two.

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