Hebrew News – After hundreds of lawsuits, Travis Scott responds: “I am not responsible for the disaster that happened”

After hundreds of lawsuits, Travis Scott responds: “I’m not responsible for the disaster that happened.”

The singer’s last appearance turned into a dramatic and tragic disaster during which hundreds of people were injured and ten people were killed and now that more than 300 lawsuits have been filed against the rapper, he is asking to be removed from the list of defendants and disclaims responsibility

American rapper and partner of trash star Kylie Jenner, denies the allegations against him in numerous lawsuits by the families of those killed and injured in the disaster that occurred at the music festival where he performed last month. As you may recall, during Scott’s performance, ten people were killed and hundreds were injured.

Since the incident, more than 300 different lawsuits have been filed against the rapper, with a representative on his behalf saying he was not responsible for the tragedy that occurred during his performance, when he was not even aware of it at the time of the show. As stated, Scott even went so far as to request that his name be removed from the list of defendants. This is the singer’s first reaction since the lawsuits against him.

As you may recall, the disaster occurred during a performance by Scott, who opened the music festival, which was attended by 50,000 participants. The capacitor actually stormed towards the stage, and without assistance from the security guards, many were run over, injured, and as mentioned some were even killed.

According to reports, in the lawsuits in question, the singer is accused of neglect, when the festival’s production company also received several hundred lawsuits, also incidentally, denying responsibility, and denying any connection to the allegations. As you may recall, both Travis and his partner, Kylie Jenner, responded shortly after the incident because they did not know what had happened during the show, and if they had known, of course, they would turn to the security guards at the venue and stop the show. Jenner’s sisters, daughters of the Kardashian family, also responded to the issue, writing a touching post about it on their Instagram pages, asking to send condolences to the families and express grief.

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