Hebrew News – Always in love: A new paparazzi of the most surprising couple in the swamp, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

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Ever in love: A new paparazzi of the most surprising couple in the swamp, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Just a few days after the relationship between the two was officially announced, it seems that Kim and Pete are no longer really trying to hide the love. Recently, the two were caught on their way to an upscale Italian restaurant, with no smile coming down their faces

As you may recall, a few days ago, after long weeks of rumors, it was officially announced that Kim Kardashian was indeed dating the comedian, Pete Davidson. After countless paparazzi photos, one birthday party at Chris Jenner’s home, and many close associates confirming the rumors, it seems that the new relationship is completely out.

Recently, the two were caught on camera by the paparazzi on their way to the Italian luxury restaurant Giorgio Baldi, located in Santa Monica. Kim and Pete looked happier than ever, when the smile never left their faces. The sharp-eyed will even notice a hiccup mark on Davidson’s neck, which was apparently done by none other than the reality star and his new partner, Kim Kardashian.

An acquaintance of the two said that Pete had stated to Kim that he was not interested in dating anyone else. He added that Pete was completely in on Kimi’s case and said: ‘He’s very clear about it. He hugs her all the time, flatters her, caresses her. He’s totally into it, and Kim seems to like his attention. ‘

According to the new paparazzi photos, Kim does look happier than ever. As you may recall, the one who is least happy with the whole story and romance is the ex-husband of the trash star, Kenya West, who according to insiders is not exactly a fan of Kimi’s new relationship. A few weeks ago he was even interviewed and told that he and Kim are still married and added that he hopes they will be able to rebuild their relationship.

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