Hebrew News – Another surprising parting: Kaya Gerger and Jacob Alordi have decided to separate forces

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Another surprising parting: Kaya Gerger and Jacob Allordi decided to separate forces

The fiery and photogenic couple decided to break up as friends after a year of a particularly close and well-publicized relationship. An acquaintance of the two said that after difficulties and disagreements, they decided to end the relationship and remain friends

Is this a new plague? Another surprising farewell in the Hollywood swamp. Now it’s about model Kia Gerber, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, and her partner of the past year, actor Jacob Allordy. An acquaintance of the two said that they parted in a respectful and friendly manner, and agreed to stay in a friendly relationship.

Rumors of the two parting began several weeks ago, when the fans noticed that neither Kaya nor Jacob had posted photos on their Instagram accounts for a long time. In fact, the last photo of the two together was posted last September, providing a glimpse into Kia’s 20th birthday.

As you may recall, the two started dating in August of last year, and immediately became the main focus of paparazzi photographers. Before the two began their romantic journey, Jacob briefly dated actress and euphoria star Zandia, while Kaya had a brief affair with comedian Pete Davidson, who is now known to be in a hot new relationship with trash star Kim Kardashian.

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