Hebrew News – At the age of 84: Jane Fonda in a new fashion campaign for the H&M chain

At the age of 84: Jane Fonda in a new fashion campaign for the H&M chain

The veteran star recently appeared in front of the cameras in honor of a festive campaign of the well-known fashion chain presenting a new line of sportswear. “I will soon be 85 years old, but I know that I look good and young for my age,” she said

Apparently the familiar cliché “age is just a number” is completely true when it comes to star and actress Jane Fonda. Recently, Fonda was tapped to star in a new campaign for fashion chain H&M by none other than Jackal Knight, an in-demand Hollywood choreographer who works closely with Kevin B.

The line in question is new and presents “movement” clothes suitable for physical activity in the spirit of the air-conditioned studio. Stamp for the hot summer season. “I love this concept, it’s much more successful in my eyes than normal sports clothes. Anyone can enjoy them, and you don’t have to be athletic or an outstanding athlete,” said Jane.

According to the reports, the veteran star stars in the campaign mainly in relatively simple and modest clothes, unlike the tight and revealing sports clothes she used to wear in the legendary sports tapes starring her sometime in the 1980s. “Today I know that to keep moving is a necessity at any age. It is critical to a healthy life expectancy,’ she said.

Despite the celebratory campaign, a look back reveals that it was Fonda’s choice to take part in the campaign, contrary to what she said last year: “I do not intend to buy new clothes, nor to appear in any campaign of a fast fashion chain,” she explained at the time.

But Jane is aware of the issue, and is quick to respond and said: “A lot of people need to keep buying clothes, that’s why I agreed to participate in this campaign. They are making great efforts to make the brand sustainable, which is fundamental and important to me,” concluded the star.

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