Hebrew News – Jennifer Lawrence talks about nude photos leaked to the net: “This is a trauma that will go with me all my life”

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Jennifer Lawrence talks about the nude photos that leaked to the net: “This is a trauma that will go with me all my life”

The Hunger Games star and one of the busiest actresses in the swamp, was recently interviewed for Vanity Fair magazine and talked about one of the most dramatic moments in her career, the moment nude photos of her were circulated across the network

In honor of the new film starring: “Do not Look Up”, actress Jennifer Lawrence was interviewed by the prestigious Vanity Fair magazine, and talked quite a bit about her personal life, which is not the norm. In recent weeks, the pregnant actress has had to invest quite a bit of resources and energy in promoting her film, and that includes quite a few revealing interviews.

“I’m stressed. “I have not spoken to the world for a long time,” Lawrence admitted. She further added that she prefers not to talk about her first pregnancy and her relationship with her husband. But what she did, surprisingly, agree to talk about was an affair that took place in 2014, during which nude photos of Lawrence were leaked all over the net.

‘Anyone can look at my naked body, without my consent. It’s a trauma that will go with me all my life, “Lawrence said. As you may recall, at the time, nude photos of other stars also managed to leak to the net, including Rihanna, Kate Upton, Lia Michelle, Kirsten Dunst, and more.

The actress also spoke about the case of Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer who was charged with sexual offenses and sentenced to 23 years in prison. As you may recall, the name of Lawrence, who starred in several films in his production, has been linked more than once to the affair, but her identity has managed to remain confidential for a long time. On this subject Lawrence said only that she was shocked each time anew only following the mention of Weinstein’s name.

She added: ‘His victims were women who believed he would help them. Luckily at that time I was already about to win an Oscar, so this situation managed to avoid me. It clearly did not stop me from encountering other men who behaved inappropriately throughout my career. ‘

As is well known, Lawrence is one of the most beloved and busy actresses in the swamp, and has starred in the films “The Hunger Games,” “Cold to the Bone,” “X-Men,” “American Dream,” and more. In addition, she managed to pick up four Oscar nominations, one of which she won, for her role in the Hollywood film “Optimism is the Name of the Game.” According to current reports, Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

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