Hebrew News – Jennifer Lopez: “I wanted to die after I broke up with my son”

The singer and star came to an intimate and festive interview in honor of the new album and talked about the difficult period that came after the well-publicized breakup with Ben Affleck, which happened two decades ago. “After we got back in touch I realized that there is such a thing as true love and things that last forever,” she said

These days the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is promoting her new album, and now she arrives for a festive and intimate interview in which she talks not only about the music and acting that play a significant part in her life, but also about the relationship with her new husband, Ben Affleck. Remember, when the two met, Lopez was married to her second husband, Chris Judd.

“The relationship between me and Ben developed over many months. It didn’t happen right away, because at first we were in a relationship. We loved each other immediately, and it hurt that we couldn’t realize our love,’ she said. As you may remember, Lopez later married the singer Marc Anthony, and the two gave birth to a pair of twins. At the same time, Affleck married the actress Jennifer Garner, and they gave birth to three children.

Now, Lopez returns to the moment of parting with Affleck and calls him the biggest heartbreaker she’s ever had in her life. “The breakup was painful. I wanted to die. It sent me on a complex journey that lasted 18 years, and here now, two decades later, I’m happy that it all has a happy ending,” said the singer.

“I think that now, when we went through such a long and significant process, we had to go our separate ways, this is exactly what we had to go through to get back together. Today, we are sure of our love more than ever. No more questions. It’s me and Ben, until the end,’ she concluded.

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