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A whole year has passed since the actor and his partner, actress Olivia Wilde decided to separate forces. Now, Jason is officially introducing his new relationship, a British model and 36-year-old Instagram anchor. The two were recently photographed on a romantic vacation in Cabo

A year has passed since one of the hottest couples in the swamp we parted ways, actors Olivia Wilde and Jason Sodeikis, this after 9 years of marriage, including 7 years as an engaged couple. Also, the two have two children in common. As you may recall, shortly after the breakup, Wilde, who is known for her affection for younger men, found solace in the arms of singer Harry Styles.

Now, Jason is also launching a new relationship, with British model Kylie Hazel. The two were recently photographed closer than ever on a joint romantic vacation in Mexico, in the city of Cabo. As is well known, this is not the first time the two have been caught on camera by the paparazzi, when last June they were spotted walking the streets of New York together.

As you may recall, in 2014 the two first met when Hazel was given a small role in the series “How to Get Rid of the Boss”. According to reports, last year the relationship between the two was renewed, and pretty quickly became romantic. Hazel is a successful model across England. She got the more serious recognition when she starred on the cover of The Sun magazine when she was half naked.

And back to the breakup of Jason and Olivia, which, as mentioned, took place exactly a year ago. An acquaintance of the two said that the separation was inevitable, but they will continue to function as a parental unit, with the priority of the children always being the first priority. The two have two children in common, Daisy and Otis.

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