Hebrew News – Now it’s official: this is Kim Kardashian’s new partner

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After long weeks of rumors, headlines, paparazzi photos and even subtle hints from insiders of the two, it seems safe to say now, trash star Kim Kardashian is dating comedian Pete Davidson

After we all waited for him, he finally arrived, the official confirmation about the relationship being forged between the duo Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. According to reports, an acquaintance of the trash star said that the two have been dating for several weeks. Shortly after the exposure of the same associate, the two were caught on camera by the paparazzi as they exited the home of Chris Jenner, Kim’s mother, holding hands and looking in love more than ever.

“They are completely together, and are excited to see where their relationship will take them,” an acquaintance told him. He further added that Pete is not currently interested in dating anyone else, and seems to be serious about Kim. “The whole Kardashian family is very happy for Kim, he is a charming, funny and light-hearted guy,” he added.

As you may recall, rumors of an affair between the two began to surface after Pete and Kim were hosted on Saturday Night Live together. Since then the duo has seemed really inseparable, and dozens of paparazzi photos have been posted across the net, showing the two close together and spending time next to each other.

In addition, the photos from the pajama party that Kim organized for Pete’s 28th birthday also managed to reinforce the suspicion that this is a completely couple relationship. The celebrations were held at the home of Kim’s mother, Chris Jenner, and the two were reportedly close and romantic.

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