Hebrew News – Sharon Stone lost half of her fortune, and this is why

Hebrew News – Sharon Stone lost half of her fortune, and this is why

The beloved actress recently said that she lost half of her fortune due to the economic crisis, during a charity event in which she took part, and even asked those present to donate their money

Actress Sharon Stone reveals for the first time that she lost about half of her fortune following the current economic crisis. The 65-year-old star shared the news when she recently arrived at a charity event for cancer research and received an award. As mentioned, during a speech she gave on stage, she said that she lost huge sums after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

Stone, who lost her brother last month after he had a heart attack, said through tears: “It took me a lot of courage to donate at this time, because I lost half my capital.” saying. Later she also referred to her brother’s death: “My brother is dead now and I’m still here. This is not an easy time for any of us.”

But don’t worry, despite the money she lost, the actress’s fortune was estimated at 60 million dollars before the crisis. Also, Stone urged those present to continue contributing to the research of the disease. Remember, she recently revealed on her Instagram account that her brother, 57-year-old Patrick Joseph Stone, died of a heart attack, after his 11-month-old son died about a year ago.

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