Hebrew News – The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll: The New Biography of Elvis’ Life

He was one of the most beloved and well-known singers in the world, and in fact, even today, 45 years later, Elvis’ spirit manages to maintain its charisma. It was only a matter of time before we got a shiny new biographical film about the life of the Rock King, and after watching it we can say with complete confidence – it was worth the wait

Elvis, the undisputed king of rock, passed away when he was just 42 years old. Now, 45 years later, his biography film is coming to the big screen, and fans are functioning. In Elvis’ shoes came actor Austin Butler, and in his role as promoter, Tom Hanks. Although not a particularly well-known actor, Butler manages to present an admirable play, he enters the character of Elvis in an amazing way, sings in his voice, and holds his special charisma.

In fact, the two are also quite similar, which manages to add another layer of authenticity to the entire film. There is no doubt that the strong point is the casting itself, even of Hanks who manages at times to even steal the show from the main protagonist, so good is he. But as many times, or rather to say, many biographies of stars about temporary, it is difficult to put a crazy life, laden with drama and interest, in one film.

Thus the film sins quite a few times in the compression of content, stories, but also visual compression, editing too closely, and more. The result is a slightly intense viewing experience, yet it manages to sweep it away, touch the heart, and be interesting.

The whole “Elvis”, from beginning to end, is presented to us, the viewers, from the point of view of his promoter, Colonel Tom Parker, who defines himself, and thus presents himself, a villain. But it is not clear, throughout the film, why. That is to say, his personal story, quite left behind, and it is a pity that it is so, his character is interesting, round, and sometimes even sympathetic.

The film is also not afraid to address and mention the fact that Albish has been accused many times of stealing materials, melodies and lyrics from black musicians who did not break out and succeed in the racist America of the 1950s. But in the same breath, Elvis was an activist for blacks. In this sense, viewers get a glimpse, importantly, of how the rock ‘n’ roll star has become not only an idol of girls, but also an important star in American culture.

In conclusion, this is a two-hour cinematic celebration, sparkling, crowded, intense, similar to Elvis’ own life. This is another cinematic biography in the local landscape, which is especially suitable for fans, but can also be interesting for those who do not exactly connect to Elvis’ music, but also do not know enough or much about it.

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