Hebrew News – The palace responds to the new docu about the royal family: “Exaggerated and unfounded allegations”

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The palace responds to the new docu about the royal family: “Exaggerated and unfounded claims”

The BBC’s new docu-series about the British royal family, which came up despite the family’s demand not to broadcast it, manages to stir up a storm in the kingdom and even caused the royal representative to declare that they will not cooperate with the channel in the future.

The Royal Family is back in the headlines, this time following the BBC’s new docu, despite the royal family’s efforts to try and prevent the series from airing. According to reports, the first part of the series is expected to deal mainly with former Duchess, Megan Merkel.

It was also reported that an official order had been issued from the palace asking the staff not to watch the series, in parallel with a surprising and unequivocal statement in which the palace announced that it would not cooperate with the network in the future. The palace said: “The press is important to democracy, but these are exaggerated and unfounded claims from anonymous sources, which are presented as facts.”

They added that this was a particularly disappointing result, especially when it came from such a large and respected channel as the BBC. As mentioned, the first episode deals with Megan Merkel, during which the former duchess’s lawyer is interviewed, in order to clear her name. The production staff chose to return to one of the first media quarrels between Merkel and the royalty, which revolved around the crown she chose for her wedding day.

According to rumors, the former duchess wanted an emerald crown, but Queen Elizabeth did not agree to it, which managed to provoke a great commotion in the royal house. Prince Harry immediately came out in Merkel’s defense, and she did at the end of the day, choose the crown she wanted.

Next week is expected to see the second part of the series, which this time will focus on the rift created in the relationship between the brothers, Prince Harry and Prince William. According to reports, the recent dramas are not benefiting with the Queen’s health condition, which in the past month has had to be blown away by some particularly important events.

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