Hebrew News – Tonight’s nail: Actress Emma Watson manages to steal the show during Adele’s performance

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Tonight’s nail: Actress Emma Watson manages to steal the show during Adele’s performance

The British singer seems to be investing all her time in promoting her new album, when she recently came to a debut in honor of the album, when the audience had the best Hollywood stars, including singer Doa Lipa, Samuel L. Jackson and others, but one star managed to steal the show

The big stars received the best show in town last Sunday, when they sat in the front row in a celebratory performance by singer Adele in honor of the release of their new album. As is well known, Adele’s last album was released in 2015, making the celebration an exciting and unique event that managed to garner the best stars.

The singer’s new album, “30” manages to arouse quite a bit of curiosity and interest among fans and even all over the media. The gala performance was also broadcast live on British television, and already at the beginning of the show, Adele turned to one of the stars sitting in the front row, actress Emma Thompson, who reportedly danced and enjoyed and managed to attract all the attention.

One of the fans of the singer who watched the live broadcast wrote: “She dances as if no one is watching, a reality show should be made about Thompson.” Another surfer commented: “I would like to enjoy life as Emma Thompson enjoys her evening.”

Thompson was not the only one to enjoy Adele’s performance, actress Emma Watson was also spotted dancing and looking happier and happier than ever. Apart from the songs, which were the central part of the singer’s performance, there was also a time of asking questions from the audience, to which Adele patiently and affectionately answered.

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