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The pop star makes sure to stir up storms on the social network from time to time, and this time she does it again. Recently, Madonna shared a photo from a series of photos she edited, when her millions of fans did not really like the message and attacked the singer with critical comments

Madonna has long been not only a singer, she is also a no small fashionista, artist, and official rioter. Anyone who follows the singer on the social network a little knows that many of her posts cause quite a few riots across the network. Now, she’s doing it again. The reason? Subversive post on the Instagram page.

This week, Madonna shared with her millions of fans photos from a recent photo shoot in which she took part, and managed to infuriate the followers, following the terms of employment of the session and the subject itself. In the photos, Madonna is seen with the famous photographer Steve Klein holding a knife to her neck.

Next to the picture, Madonna wrote: ‘Proud to work with Steve Klein for Magazine ‘V’. Against all odds, with a zero budget, and a group of creative people, we were able to create art. Thank you to everyone who supported us all the way, and worked long hours for free. ‘

In just a few hours Madonna received a real attack and hundreds of abusive responses from followers, especially in light of the disturbing nature of the photo she posted. In addition, much of the criticism towards the singer is directed at the fact that many people worked long hours for free. “It’s about exploitation,” “Paying an artist is more important than anything,” “Unthinkable,” these are just some of the reactions the singer received.

According to reports, the same session Madonna spoke about was intended to recreate the latest and most famous photographs of Marilyn Monroe, which were taken somewhere in 1962, and were titled: “The Last Sitting”. As you may recall, the same photos were taken six days before Merlin’s death, when she was only 36 years old, after consuming prescription pills.

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