Hebrew News – ‘Unfathomable’: A mother murdered her young children while the husband went to collect takeaway

Hebrew News – ‘Unfathomable’: A mother murdered her young children while the husband went to collect takeaway

‘Unfathomable’: Mother murdered her young children while husband went to pick up takeaway

According to reports, the Massachusetts mother, 32-year-old Lindsay Clancy, was in an “intensive” program for postpartum depression and her husband worked from home to support her – the mother was until recently a hospital nurse

The Massachusetts mother accused of suffocating her two young children and trying to kill her baby allegedly carried out the shocking murder-suicide attempt while her husband briefly went out to pick up takeout.

Lindsey Clancy, 32, was on leave as a maternity nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital and participated in “a very intensive five-day-a-week program for PPD, trying to get help,” the local radio host reported.John DePetrowho quoted one of the couple’s friends.


Meanwhile, her husband, Patrick, “worked from home instead of going into the office so he could try to support her every day,” the company said.

Patrick went out on Tuesday to get some food, but returned to find the horrifying scene at their Duxbury home.

“In the 25 minutes it took him to collect takeaway, the unimaginable happened,” said the presenter of the program.

Lindsay allegedly killed her daughter Cora, 5, and son Dawson, 3, on Tuesday and tried to kill her eight-month-old son, Kellan, before taking her own life. ,

The revelation about Lindsay’s intensive care comes as members of the Duxbury community gathered Thursday night for a vigil at Holy Family Church to pray for the family.

Pastor Robert J. DeHaan said the congregation was “devastated and heartbroken” following the tragedy, the Patriot Ledger reported.

“All of us here in Duxbury are devastated and heartbroken by the news of what happened to this young family. Before these tragic events, they were a happy and loving couple and family.”

He said he was praying for Lindsay, noting that she was suffering from “overwhelming mental illness.” Pastor Bill Williams called for comfort and consolation for Patrick and offered prayers for the emergency workers who responded to the horrific scene.

“Go into a dark world with light,” he said, according to the Patriot Ledger

Debbie Heath, mother of a firefighter who responded to the Clancy family home, said it was good to see the community come together.

“It still bothers him today,” she told the Boston Globe. “When it’s quiet, that’s when it starts. You’re alone with your thoughts. He’s had a few hiccups here and there, but I hope every day it gets a little better. He’s just trying to be busy right now.”

Fire Chief Robert J. Reardon issued a statement before the shift offering his “thoughts and prayers” for the Clancy family and emergency crews.

The child who survived remains in critical condition at Boston Children’s Hospital, DeHaan said

The mother of three, hospitalized under police guard, faces two counts of murder, three counts of strangulation, and three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, officials said.

Renee McLaughlin, a nurse who provides postpartum care, said that postpartum depression and psychosis are “real” and can affect mothers after giving birth.

“They are overwhelmed,” she said, adding that although the mothers’ mental health is monitored in the maternity wards, some cases can be difficult to identify at first.

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