Hefetz: Binyamin Netanyahu directed the coverage of the dormitory affair

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Netanyahu trial: The testimony of state witness Nir Hefetz continues today (Wednesday) in the Jerusalem District Court. On the third day of his testimony, the prosecution will review Hefetz’s correspondence with various parties. Hefetz said about the dormitory affair that Benjamin Netanyahu conducted the media coverage of the matter with an erasable board, chapter headings and dozens of hours. “In this matter, Walla’s response was total. In fact, we and the Likud headquarters determined what the items were, everything we asked for was done to the end without reservations,” Hefetz testified.

Hefetz also referred to members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s family yesterday, and spoke about the pressure exerted by Sarah and Yair Netanyahu. He further claimed: “I never received an instruction from Benjamin Netanyahu to convey a message in the regulatory field to Alovich, it was Sarah.”

In the prosecution’s investigation that took place on Tuesday, Hefetz testified about his role as communications adviser to former Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was also present at the hearing, and said: “I would define Netanyahu’s attitude toward the media as something that cannot be overstated in words. He went on to say that he was involved in communications – “almost as much as in security issues.”

What is the meaning of Nir Hefetz’s testimony at trial?

Hefetz’s testimony is expected to last for many weeks. The main testimony will be spread over two and a half weeks, and the cross-examination at least three times that. As stated, the testimony was scheduled to begin last week, but was rejected due to developments in the case. Hadas Klein, the right-hand man of businessman Arnon Milchen, a central committee in the 1,000 case, provided new information that led to the completion of an investigation. Klein testified about jewelry, a bag and other gifts to Sarah Netanyahu of Milchen and Packer, both of whom Klein works. Following the new information, the State Attorney’s Office conducted additional interrogations, including those of Arnon Milchen.

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How will Nir Hefetz’s testimony affect Netanyahu’s trial? | Tamar Almog

As reported here in the news, Attorney General Mandelblit is debating whether to open an investigation following the new information, which means opening case 1,000. At the same time, the defense teams complained to the ombudsman about the leaks and it is estimated that the adviser will investigate the matter.

Nir Hefetz goes to the podium: Testimony of the person close to him who crossed the line Another Day

Hefetz signed a state witness agreement in the Alps cases – mainly in case 4,000, but also in cases 1,000 and 2,000. He previously served as a media adviser and is very close to former Prime Minister Netanyahu and his family. His testimony is considered particularly significant, as it connects what happened at the Walla Walla to what happened at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Balfour. In addition, he is one of the three state witnesses in the case, including former Ministry of Communications Director General Shlomo Pilber and former Prime Minister Aryeh Haru. In contrast, Hefetz is the only witness who testifies in the three cases.

In the context of his testimony, the prosecution is expected to claim that the essence of the testimony of an object is honest and true and backed by evidence. In other words, Hefetz did not seek to overthrow Netanyahu. On the other hand, the defense intends to argue that the conditions of detention and a problematic investigative exercise are what caused the object to sign a state witness agreement and that there are discrepancies in his testimony.

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The prosecution team is headed by attorney Liat Ben-Ari, the deputy state’s attorney. The team in the 4000 case is headed by attorney Yehudit Tirosh, director of the securities department at the State Attorney’s Office for Taxation and Economics. K. Chen. Elowitz’s wife – Iris Elowitz, is represented by attorney Michal Rosen-Ozer and Arnon (Noni) Mozes is represented by attorney Noyet Negev and attorney Iris Niv-Sabag.

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