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Hurray, hurray, Helene is back. Not alone …

The best present for your Schlager fans comes five months BEFORE Christmas. Helene Fischer (36) puts an end to her time-out – and presents the new man by her side.

No, not a new friend. She is still happy with dancer Thomas Seitel. But the exceptional artist has grabbed a special artist for her first new song. It was a big secret at first.

Helene on Thursday in a video message: “The first song is also new to me, so to speak: It’s not a solo song. I’ve chosen a duet partner, a really, really great guest. “

Well, WHO now? Helene asked her fans via Instagram, who tapped their fingers sore, who the mysterious partner could be: Udo Lindenberg? Capital Bra? Flori Silbereisen? Sarah Connor? Lena Meyer-Landrut? Ed Sheeran?

Lower Austria. The resolution has existed for a few hours: Luis Fonsi (43) is allowed to sing with Fischer.

Luis … WHO? If the name doesn’t click right away, this song guarantees: Luis Fonsi is the man who landed a gigantic hit with “Despacito” and gave millions of people a permanent catchphrase. The Puerto Rican is married with two children – and now a duet with Mrs. Fischer.

Is Helene singing … IN SPANISH?

At least that’s what the fans are wondering about. Because the new single has the Spanish title “Vamos a Marte”, which translates as “Let’s go to Mars”. It will be released on August 6th – it is now clear what the countdown on Helene’s website alludes to, which ends on that day.

Fischer’s album will also be released this year. And that might sound less like a hit than it used to …

The last musical appearance of the singer was in December 2020 in the TV gala “A Heart for Children” on ZDF. Her last “Helene Fischer Show” at Christmas 2020 came – apart from her moderation – from the can.

“For me it was a very intense, but also very reflective time. I withdrew, enjoyed my happiness (…) ”, said Helene on Thursday. “This is the first step for me to get out again, to speak to you. (…) It is a new and exciting and honest feeling that I feel. “

And all fans will probably feel a big HEARTQUAKE by now at the latest.



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