helicopter crash pradeep relative Pradeep’s father is ill

Relatives say the parents of the Thrissur native who died in the Coonoor helicopter crash have not been informed yet. His father is ill. The relatives told 24 that this is why the information has not been reported yet. The panchayat president also responded to 24 on the issue. Pradeep, a junior warrant officer from Ponnukkara, Thrissur, was killed. (helicopter crash pradeep relative)

The panchayat president said that Pradeep’s father was living with the help of oxygen. Therefore, the mother was not informed. The people of Ponnukkara are trembling. He was a man who treated everyone with love when he came home. Everyone has that problem. The panchayat president said that he has been staying in the vicinity of the house since the time he got the information.

The relative informed that he was informed at 5.30 pm. He went to the accident site with his brother and brother-in-law. Pradeep returned home two weeks ago. His father was in the ICU. Pradeep was in the hospital. Pradeep returned last week after his father was discharged. His wife and two children are there. The eldest son is studying there. The relative said his daughter was only two years old.

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The funeral of General Bipin Rawat and his wife will be held on the 10th of this month. The ceremonies will be held in the Delhi Cantonment itself. The bodies of the two will be flown to the capital tomorrow. The bodies will be transported on a special aircraft of the army.

General Bipin Rawat, 63, was killed in a helicopter crash. Bipin Rawat’s helicopter crashed this afternoon. Bipin Rawat, who was critically injured in the accident, was admitted to the hospital but could not save his life. Along with Rawat, his wife also died. Of the 14 passengers, 13 were confirmed dead. This was announced by the Indian Air Force.

The helicopter crashed near Ooty Kanneri in Tamil Nadu. The helicopter was completely destroyed by the flames. The helicopter crashed in a dense forest. According to ANI, 14 people, including Bipin Rawat and his family, were on board the helicopter. This includes top officials. Five are members of Bipin Rawat’s personal staff.

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