Hello 31- Meera Nandhan celebrates her 31st birthday in Dubai | Meera Nandan’s 31st Birthday Celebration Photos Trending On Social Media

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Meera Nandan is a well known actress in Kerala. Pictures of Meera’s glamorous photoshoots in Dubai recently went viral on social media. The actress has now shared pictures of her 31st birthday celebrations on social media.

Meera Nandhan (Image Source: Instagram)

Meera Nandan made her acting debut in Mohanlal’s Taste Buds commercial. Later, the audience became acquainted with Idea through Star Singer. Since then, Meera has become a favorite of Malayalam cinema audiences, starting with ‘Mulla’ and appearing in a number of other films. Later, Meera moved to Dubai and became a radio jockey with her voice beauty. Meera shares all her experiences with her fans on social media. Meera is also going viral on social media with her glamorous photoshoots. Now Meera is sharing pictures of her celebrating her 31st birthday. Meera’s post also captioned ‘Hello 31’. Fans have taken pictures of Meera wearing a short top. Meera got attention on Instagram with a heart touching note for her last birthday.


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