Help for women and girls in… Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Help for women and girls in… Aktion Deutschland Hilft

2023-09-27 00:39:31

from CARE

Leading representatives of humanitarian aid and donor countries met in Oslo on September 26, 2023 to attend Humanitarian Senior Officials Meeting to discuss support for Ukraine. Read a statement from Fabrice Martin, Country Director of CARE Ukraine.

War in Ukraine: Aid for women underfunded

“The war in Ukraine is taking a heavy toll on women and girls, who are often targets of gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse.

Yet only 0.9 percent of available funding is allocated to aid programs for women and girls. This is a catastrophe and ignores the needs of half of the Ukrainian population.”

Improve the long-term health of women and girls

CARE therefore calls on all actors, both in the international community and the UN, to support women and girls with sustainable and long-term financing, especially in the health system.

CARE also calls for more flexible funding for organizations that specifically promote the rights and protection of women and LGBTQIA+ people.

CARE calls for help for Ukrainian aid organizations

“Local organizations in Ukraine are the first point of contact when it comes to protecting local populations. However, high, complex and time-consuming requirements continue to represent a major barrier for them to access funding.

“It is therefore important to make it easier to provide long-term funding to small Ukrainian NGOs and to provide them with targeted support.”

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