“Herculean task for our democracy”

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The socio-ecological transformation is a Herculean task for our democracy. It can only succeed if employees are encouraged, supported and heard in times of change. Co-determination and compliance with collective bargaining agreements will therefore become central points of our coming government. Union busting is becoming an official offense – in future, the public prosecutor will proactively prosecute it. An important and overdue step. Because more and more companies are trying to systematically prevent codetermination.

A lot will happen in terms of corporate co-determination. We will prevent the exploitation of the corporate form SE to prevent co-determination – abolish the freezing effect! The fact that the German co-determination law is being undermined by European regulations must come to an end.

We are also tackling the challenges that lie ahead of us at the level of employee participation. The possibilities of co-determination must adapt to the signs of the times. Trade unions and works councils will have the same rights on the digital level as on the analogue area. For this purpose, independent communication spaces are created and codetermination channels are easily accessible. Above all, however, it remains important to stay in close contact with the works councils, because they know best how and where problem areas arise when working on the Internet.

The next logical step is to expand the Works Council Modernization Act to include the core content of socio-ecological transformation. We will be expanding the right of initiative here in particular. Hand in hand with the employees, we can cope with the daunting tasks. But it must be made clear that works councils are once again seen as an asset and by no means a brake on healthy corporate development.

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