Here is Figliuolo’s plan for vaccines, effective distribution and multiple doses – The plan of the Extraordinary Commissioner, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, for the execution of the national vaccination campaign was released today. The document, drawn up in harmony with the National Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Health, establishes the operational guidelines for completing the vaccination campaign as soon as possible. Governance will be centralized against decentralized execution, with a lean control chain.

The two pillars for running a quick campaign are there effective and timely distribution of vaccines and an increase in daily administrations, reads the plan. The goal of the vaccination plan of Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figiuolo is reach the number of 500 thousand administrations per day when fully operational on a national basis, by vaccinating at least 80% of the population by the month of September, thus tripling the average daily number of vaccinations in recent weeks, equal to approximately 170,000.

The plan provides for “constant monitoring of needs with targeted, selective and point-like interventions based on deviations from planning”. It will also be established a vaccine reserve equal to approximately 1.5% of doses, in order to be able to face unforeseen needs immediately, directing resources to areas affected by criticality, providing for the use of reinforcements from the Department of Civil Protection and Defense “, reads again.

“We will also intervene according to the accumulation point principle, concentrating the necessary resources towards clustered and small-sized areas in a state of particular need. The monitoring will also include the coordinated analysis of the availability expressed by numerous entities in the country system, in order to to better target resources “.



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