Here is the ‘Good Vibe Manager’, he brings a smile and efficiency to the company

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It increases decision-making, training and relational efficiency, optimizes the times and methods of the work of others even during the pandemic, resolves conflicts and, above all, makes people feel good in the company. He is the “Good Vibe Manager”, a new professional figure who takes care of making all the gears interact and work by working not only on processes but also on mood, through ironic tones, experiments with gaming and horizontal involvement of the whole company in decision-making processes. A figure that includes others that already exist, even if little known and used in the Italian business landscape, such as that of the facilitator, the moderator, the design thinker, the team builder, the coach and even the animator. To officially introduce it, in 2020, was Etifor, a spin-off company of the University of Padua engaged on a global scale in public and private projects for the enhancement of natural heritage and characterized by a strong code of ethics as well as a very specific mission: to improve the relationship between man and nature, while taking care of the environment and, in particular, of the forests.

According to an internal investigation by the Venetian company, one year after its introduction, the figure of the Good Vibe Manager has made it possible, despite the difficulties put in place by the pandemic, to eliminate delays and the already rare resignations, speed up the achievement objectives, increase productivity and, overall, significantly improve motivation, mood and quality of professional life of a team of over 40 people including employees, external consultants and collaborators. The main impact of this efficiency improvement is on cost savings and in the first year of experimentation the increase in productivity efficiency was calculated as equal to 7.5%.

“After several years as a consultant – explains Riccardo Da Re, 38, Good Vibe Manager at Etifor – engaged as a facilitator in the management of complex participatory processes towards the outside, with public, private and associations, I accepted the invitation to to become an integral part of the company to also dedicate myself to internal processes: a huge challenge, considering that in Etifor there are numerous “liquid” work teams and that the forced and prolonged smart working caused by the pandemic immediately set the road uphill. The freedom to give vent to creativity and to be able to apply techniques from different disciplines, however, has allowed us to achieve excellent results despite the unfavorable context “.

A key role in the work of Da Re is played by gaming, declined in different forms and characterized by goliardic and ironic traits: from team tournaments of invented games to the Etifor Awards for the best employees, from group activities carried out periodically immersed in nature to more structured online games without borders on Monday mornings, a leisure session featuring different fun challenges every week with the aim, in addition to entertaining from a distance, to deepen the knowledge of colleagues even on less professional and formal levels. The second great success is the introduction of the “Brain Days”, two days of full immersion in the forest where the team building part is secondary, but the participation of everyone stands out, from the CEO to the intern, from the university professor to the external consultant, to decisions and the resolution of company problems, discussing horizontally about: new hires, wages, investments, future visions, division of roles, gender balance and other issues that are usually dealt with elsewhere by top management and imposed on employees. The decisions that emerged from the Brain Days are then applied during the year by specific task forces made up of employees, project managers and CEO.

“The Good Vibe Manager is able to make you smile while increasing your efficiency by 7.5% – adds Alessandro Leonardi, CEO of Etifor – but above all to stimulate the attitude to innovation of all the staff and to substantially relieve the administrators from some strategic and personnel management activities. His figure is grafted into a broader value structure that provides for the elimination of any form of discrimination, equal opportunities for growth for all, transparency on wages and company performance “.

“Being our company that makes innovation, research and development, we have decided to focus heavily on the figure of Riccardo Da Re – concludes Leonardi – also to give further value to the existing” wellbeing strategy “which is based on five points: investment in training, animation and “capacity building”; incentives for smart work and telework; welfare plans that encourage sport, well-being and culture; continuous raising of contractual levels in line with the merit and growth of the company; production bonus in relation to collective and non-individual performance, which in 2020 reached 10% of total turnover “.

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