Here is the list of 5 players who should be the next Virendra Seva in Indian cricket IND : 5 Indian Players Could Have Been Next Virender Sehwag


In the batting field of cricket, no matter how the ball is bowled, no matter the situation, it is a special skill to bat from the very first ball. Especially in this modern cricket it is necessary to play aggressively in all 3 types of matches. A good example of this is India’s Virender Sehwag. He has the ability to fly boundaries from the very first ball without showing mercy to the bowlers even before they settle down, but he made the fans want to watch him by adding runs at a rocket pace without showing patience even in Test cricket.

Like “I don’t know how to play defence”, Sehwag, who is admired as the player who played more aggressively than Srikanth in Indian cricket, even if he wants to play patiently, it can be said that his hands and feet will not let go. From 1999 to 2013, he was the only Indian batsman to score 2 triple centuries in Test cricket.

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Next Sehwag:
In the current modern cricket, all the batsmen have to follow his actions, and after him, some players in Indian cricket acted so aggressively that they believed that the next Sehwag has been found. But like the same sun as the same Sevak, let’s take a look at some players who gave hope for various reasons and never reached even half of his growth:


5. Robin Uthappa: The Kerala native scored 86 runs on his debut and got off to a good start in the next few matches with a blistering 70 (41) against the West Indies. However, he failed to play continuously and therefore missed the opportunity to play continuously and completely missed the opportunity to play for the Indian team after 2015.

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Although his batting style of flying boundaries as an assault gives hope that he will play a big role as an action player like Sehwag, it can be said that he has not used it well. However, he has been active in the IPL series, scoring 4952 runs at a good strike rate of 130.35.

4. Ambati Rayudu: The Andhra native’s 121 against Sri Lanka in 2014 and 90 against New Zealand in Wellington in 2019 showed his explosive batting skills. Even though he was in peak form by 2018, he was eligible to play in the 2019 World Cup but was unfairly removed by the selectors.

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So he retired at the age of 33 because the selection committee who wanted to take revenge on him by tweeting his heart out. He has the ability to play aggressively because he failed to execute it consistently. In the IPL series as well, he is out for a few runs the next day, despite scoring more than 4000 runs in 188 matches, with a modest average of 29.10 and a modest strike rate of 127.12.

Dinesh Karthik vs RSA

3. Dinesh Karthik: He made his debut in 2004 and did not get a lot of opportunities because of Dhoni. Now at the age of 37, he is coming to the field at the last time and splashing with an intimidating strike rate. But apart from his good performance in the England Test series in 2007, he did not get consistent opportunities as he performed modestly in most of the matches in the early stages.

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However, he has seen a huge rise since hitting the final ball of the Nithiyas Cup final in Sri Lanka in 2018 with a six in the last ball and has started to perform well of late.


2. Manish Pandey: The record holder of being the first Indian batsman to score a century in the IPL series, in 2009 at the age of 19, no one can forget his action-packed 114* off 73 balls. He also got the chance to play for India after scoring 94 (50) runs in the 2014 IPL final and playing a major role in winning the Kolkata Cup.

His hundred in the ODI against Australia in Sydney, apart from his 79* (48) in the T20I against South Africa at Centurion in 2016, has not done much for India. Moreover, he who was expected to come like Sehwag at some point, has been playing slowly like Test innings in the IPL series in recent times, which is causing pain to the fans.


1. Yusuf Pathan: In 2008, when the IPL started, he scored 435 runs at a strike rate of 179.01, including a 37-ball century, and established himself as a young batsman. So he got a chance to play for India in 2010 against New Zealand in Bengaluru, scoring 123 (96) and helping India to win by chasing 316 runs.

Likewise, the 105 (70) he scored against South Africa in the Centurion cannot be forgotten. Therefore, he was expected to come like Sehwag, who was included in the 2011 World Cup team, but then lost his form and went far away from the Indian team in the IPL series.



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