“He’s real, we can touch him!”, when Antoine Dupont meets Zinédine Zidane

“He’s real, we can touch him!”, when Antoine Dupont meets Zinédine Zidane

2023-09-13 22:32:37

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Zinédine Zidane and Antoine Dupont, united in front of the Brut cameras. Raw

The rugby player and the former number 10 of the French football team met in front of the Brut cameras after the opening match of the World Cup.

There is a lot of talent per square centimeter of image. Only two men, though. One is famous for his skill with his hands, the other with his feet. In a video titled “The meeting of legends», the day after the victory of the XV of France against the All Blacks (27-13) at the opening of its World Cup, Brut brought together Antoine Dupont and Zinédine Zidane.

«It’s weird to see it in real life!launches the scrum half and captain of the Blues, intimidated against “Zizou”. It is finally real, we can touch it.“The former number 10 of the Blues also appears”content» to be able to discuss with Dupont. “We follow rugby, we love the French team. Seeing them win like that, in France, reminds me of lots of things. A long time later but… We’ve lost hair since then!»

“Confidence in Antoine and his team”

And Zidane advised his young protégé to “enjoy» of the event despite the pressure. The two men discussed the first half against the All Blacks, during which Fabien Galthié’s men appeared tense. “If we can’t enjoy moments of joy, it can be psychologically heavy.», admits Antoine Dupont. If he hada little scared for the first match», Zinédine Zidane confides that she now “trust in Antoine and his team».

The 1998 Ballon d’Or draws a comparison with the French football team, world champions that year, aware of the popular expectation to win at home, but “sure of his strength. We had the best players, like what’s happening today.»

What, in Zinédine Zidane, inspires Antoine Dupont? “The status he had and assumed, being present in major meetings“, replies the latter, who recalled the good memories of France-Brazil in 2006. As for Zizou, he admires the “tranquility» by Dupont, his ability to “do things with great confidence“. Words from great players.

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