Time.news – The premise is that there has been “some confusion” in the vaccination campaign and “we want to clarify”. The footnote is that despite this confusion of messages “the behavior of the Italians was admirable” with “extraordinary” percentages of participation in vaccination when compared to other countries. Mario Draghi returns from Barcelona where he participated in the Italy-Spain forum and convenes a press conference with a swing drum, flanked by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and by the commissioner for the Covid emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, to clarify the timing and methods of the second dose of vaccine, after the conflicting messages of recent days by the various institutions.

“We have called this press conference because in the last few days there has been some confusion about vaccines and so I would like to reiterate some points, in the clearest possible way”, says Draghi. The premier, for clarity, proceeds by points. First of all “Getting vaccinated is essential. The worst thing you can do is not get vaccinated or get vaccinated with just one dose.”

Second point to be clarified: the “heterologous vaccination works, I myself am booked on Tuesday to be a heterologous”, the first dose of AstraZeneca produced “low antibodies and so I am advised to be heterologous, which works for me and also for those under 60”.

Third point: “If a person who is under 60 and has taken the first dose of AstraZeneca and is offered to be a heterologous but does not want to get that vaccine, this person is free to take the second dose of AstraZneneca as long as they have the doctor’s opinion. and informed consent “.

Faced with the mismatches in vaccinations of the various Regions, the premier then explains that “the main challenge now is not to vaccinate 12 or 13-year-olds, who also need to be vaccinated, but to look for those over 50 who have not yet been vaccinated, this is the challenge we have to overcome today, these are the ones who are seriously ill “.

Draghi is also keen to thank the Italians that “despite all this confusion about vaccines” have joined the vaccination campaign in an “extraordinary” way. “It is extraordinary compared to other countries, it is one of the most admirable behaviors facing us”.

“The campaign is proceeding according to the established pace, to date we have administered 44.6 million doses“Figliuolo reports, who reassures:” There will not be a slowdown in the vaccination campaign, we will remain at 500 thousand a day “. Hope remember signing today “an ordinance that brings 99% of the country into the white zone, and this thanks to a very strong vaccination campaign that we are carrying out “.” The message we want to give to the Italians – added the minister – is to continue vaccinating because it is the weapon they have to end this season “.

There is also time for two very brief clarifications on use of masks and extension of the state of emergency.
“Tomorrow I will ask the CTS for an opinion, tomorrow I will forward a formal request to the CTS if we can take off the mask outdoors or not” announces Draghi, who specifies that there is still nounque a date already decided.

As for the possible extension of the state of emergency, which will expire on July 31, “We will decide close to the expiration date”. “So far I have never expressed myself” on the extension or not of the state of emergency, Draghi replied at the press conference, “but even if I had wanted to express myself, I would have lost the desire after reading the article by Professor Cassese yesterday which recalls those who you want to express first “by explaining that “A state of emergency cannot be decided a month and a half in advance”, “an emergency is an emergency”. (Time.news)


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