High price for Poland’s stubbornness

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The ECJ imposed another fine on Poland, the EU Commission refused to pay out the corona billions.

So far it has already cost Poland 18.5 million euros for its government to ignore an injunction to close a coal-fired power station, and now another million euros are being added every day for the time being. The Court of Justice of the EU (ECJ) granted the European Commission’s request on Wednesday to impose a fine on Poland for ignoring a ruling to immediately dissolve the illegal disciplinary body for Polish judges. The country has to pay a fine of one million euros for every day on which the government disregards the said ruling of November 19, 2019 and the interim injunctions based on it of July 14 of this year. This applies as long as Poland does not abolish the political alignment of the disciplinary body or until the final judgment of the ECJ in further, based on this, infringement proceedings.

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