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Purchase Target Price: Rs
Stop Loss: Rs 680
ICICI Bank shares have recently found support at Rs 670 level since it touched a high of Rs 757 in early June. On the back of healthy volumes in the range of Rs.680-708, the stock is likely to continue its short-term rise. The 14-day RSI-like daily speed indicates a surge

Granules India
Purchase Target Price: Rs
Stop Loss: Rs 242
Granules has broken away from its latest trading range. As the stock recovers from its 200-week SMA, technical indicators are giving positive signals. This is considered strong intermediate support. Faster measurements such as the 14-week RSI are also in ascending mode.

Bajaj Finserve
Purchase target price: Rs 12,400
Stop Loss: Rs.11,150
After a medium term correction, the stock eventually gained close to Rs 11,300. Following the revision, the stock continues to gain support in the Rs 11,300-11,400 price range. In the daily schedule, this has created a double base formation. Looking at the overall format, it offers purchasing opportunities for consistent traders with a decent risk-reward ratio.

Shriram Transport Finance
Purchase target price: Rs 1,340
Stop Loss: Rs. 1,200
Last week, the stock not only crossed the Rs 1200 mark but was able to close above that. In addition, on the weekly schedule, it has developed long bullish candles that support further improvement from current levels. For breakout traders, it is now Rs. 1200 will be the trend designer level and above that the shares are expected to rise to Rs.1340.

Ashok Leyland
Purchase Target Price: Rs
Stop Loss: Rs
After a short period of correction, the stock gained support near the 200 day SMA and turned upside down. After the reversal, it is successfully trading above the 20-day SMA. Also, on the weekly schedule, it has created a long elegant candle. It also supports short-term improvement. This boom is likely to increase in the coming years. If it does not trade below Rs 135, level traders can maintain a confident position.

Purchase Target Price: Rs
Stop Loss: Rs
The stock is trading at Rs. Up to 170 had an amazing run. In this move, the volume performance is significantly higher and the stock at this counter is of great buying interest.

Sun Pharma
Target price to sell: Rs 735
Stop Loss: Rs.772
This pharma company excels in the rankings. In fact, after the June peak, most beer counters were fixed. But the stock stood firm and went up. However, recently when all these broken drug stocks started to recover, this stock showed some changes.Thus, this weakness is expected to continue over the counter.


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