Higuita: Scorpion kick of controversy on screen – Name higuita for Hemand G Nair movie taking legal route | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Higuita: Scorpion kick of controversy on screen – Name higuita for Hemand G Nair movie taking legal route |  Malayalam News, Kerala News |  Manorama Online

Kochi ∙ The ripples of the reaction made by the writer NS Madhavan against the new film directed by Hemand G. Nair titled ‘Higvita’ have gone to the legal route. The use of the name Higuita was banned by the Film Chamber, N.S. The activists are planning to approach the court after Madhavan’s permission has been asked to apply for registration again.

Madhavan said that the controversy saddened him and that he was personally saddened that the story he had written under the name Higuita could no longer be made into a film with the same name. Director Hemand responded that he has respect for NS Madhavan and it is difficult to change the name of the film which is to be released on 22nd. With cultural and political leaders taking positions on both sides of the issue, the controversy is leaving the goal post and entering the ground.

Obstacles to making my story a film: NS Madhavan (Writer)

Initial work on making my short story Higuita into a film is complete. Now, if another movie is released with that name, I will not be able to continue with my story. The subject was approached ethically. Legally it is not tested as right or wrong; Not going to check.

The title of one work is not generally used for other works. Stories will not be written in the name of rabies or flagging. Not because it is legally wrong. It is a question of ethics. It is true that MT did not react emotionally when the film was released as Vanaprastam. An application was placed before the Film Chamber, not a complaint.

The film has nothing to do with the story: Hemand G. Nair (Director)

The movie Higuita has nothing to do with NS Madhavan’s story. The movie is a political thriller. The role of the political leader is to protect his movement. Goalie on the field is the same dharma. This name came as such a symbol.

NS is a writer I respect a lot. Madhavan. No intentional hurt. Will try to meet him in person. Higuita is a name registered with Film Chamber 3 years ago. This is my first film. My journey followed it for years. Released on 22 Last minute name change is not possible.

Knowing Higuita through story: K. Sachidanandan (Poet)

At least Malayalam readers know the name Higuita through NS Madhavan’s story. There is injustice in releasing a movie that tells another story with that name. It is common courtesy and fairness to inform the writer in advance when using the name of a famous story for another film. I supported Madhavan on that stand.

Give that name to the storyteller: V.D. Satheesan (Leader of Opposition)

Higuita is a short story written by NS Madhavan in the minds of all Malayalees. This is one of the 10 most beautiful stories in Malayalam. Wouldn’t it be better to give him that name? There is no legal problem if someone else uses that name. But he has a right to that name. Moreover, he could have been asked before making the film. Then there would be no need for a dispute.

Higuita Pre-Famous: KV Mohankumar (Writer)

Colombian goalie René Higuita, who is on the tongue of football lovers all over the world, is making a lot of noise because he gave his name to a political thriller film. The fact that NS Madhavan protested when the first look poster of the film was released and the Film Chamber banned the name is completely absurd. Before reading Madhavan’s story, even I, who am not a big football fan, had heard of Higuita. That is why I was able to enjoy that beautiful story of Madhavan.

Did Madhavan take permission then?: Venu (Director)

Was the story written by NS Madhavan named Higuita after asking someone’s permission? The position that Madhavan is the authority for the name Higuita cannot be accepted. It is not clear how the Film Chamber took such a stand. It is up to the Film Chamber to ask if Higuita’s paternity is Madhavan in Malayalam.

Filmmakers have mentioned the name before: Benjamin (writer)

Higuita, however, does not belong to Madhavan alone. So he is not supported in this controversy. However, the dual nature of filmmakers cannot be left out. Not only Higuita, but the names that filmmakers have recently pointed to Oz. GR Indugopan’s ‘Amminipilla’, S. Harish’s ‘Appan’, Perumbadavam’s ‘Like A Psalm’, Shinilal’s ‘Ati’, Amal’s ‘Anveshipin Adhvadum’ and so on. Those who speak against Madhavan should also know this double standard. The hunk of filmmakers that they can show anything if they have money and organization should be opposed.

English Summary: Name Higuita for Hemand G Nair movie taking leagal route


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