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To cope with the global economic slowdown, many large companies are laying off employees to cut costs. That lineup includes companies such as Meta, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Amazon. In India, even though there are not many layoffs, the fear of layoffs remains high among employees.

In this case, Hirect, a chat-based direct recruitment company based in Bengaluru, has announced that it is going to lay off 40 percent of its employees. As a result, at least 200 people will lose their jobs.
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Hierect has become one of the first companies to lay off employees as the economic downturn aims to mark their own spending. The company said it plans to lay off employees as it embarks on a restructuring plan.

Many Indian companies are among global companies that have laid off employees in a cost-cutting drive. Be it startups or large corporations, most of the companies that hired heavily during the Corona era have now opted for the layoff route.

Co-founder and CEO Raj Das acknowledged the news of the layoffs, saying HiRect is undergoing a strategic shift in its business model. “We still have hundreds of employees,” he said.
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The company employs about 472 people, according to its LinkedIn page. Based in Bengaluru and San Francisco, the startup recently hired around 600 people. It also stated that the management had earlier asked most of the team to go to Bengaluru before the retrenchment.

Highrect was founded in September 2018 by Das. Provides a recruiting platform for high-growth startups and small businesses without consultants. It allows recruiters within the app with its built-in audio and video calling feature. It has more than 8 million downloads on Apple’s App Store and Android Play Store.


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