Hirsch kills 71-year-olds in Styria

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Attacked while feeding

Neighbor observes incident


A stag is said to have attacked a man in Styria (SYMBOL IMAGE).

A 71-year-old winemaker from southern Styria was attacked and killed by his stag on Wednesday morning. According to an online report by the “Kronen Zeitung”, the incident took place in the deer enclosure of the man who was busy feeding the animals.

The 71-year-old was attacked by a deer while he was being fed and injured so badly that he died in the enclosure. A neighbor had apparently observed the attack of the animal and alerted the rescue workers. The resuscitation attempts, which were carried out by the rescuers under police protection in the enclosure, were unsuccessful.

Hirsch inflicts stab wounds on man

The Styrian State Police Directorate confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that the fatal attack had occurred around 8 a.m. in the Leutschach area (Leibnitz district). For the time being, however, the executive did not know any more details. According to the newspaper report, the 71-year-old had a bucket of grain with him when he entered the spacious enclosure. Then one of the deer is said to have attacked him with his antlers. The winemaker suffered several stab wounds – including his upper body and head. The stag is said to have been shot a short time later.

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