Hispanic would have ended up scammed after hiring an immigration lawyer | Videos | Univision 14 San Francisco KDTV

Hispanic would have ended up scammed after hiring an immigration lawyer |  Videos |  Univision 14 San Francisco KDTV

2023-06-09 09:00:05

California informed me thathas a monetary fundwho could help yourecover all the moneysorry>> at $20,000.>> a mexican womanOriginally from Michoaan andto a san francisco attorneyfor him to do theresidence papers to yourseveral years and thousands of doubletstámite has not yet prospered.>> since they didn’t answer me in thephone, they never answer meHe said that you know what I’m going tosay this looks like ascam.>> Mrs. Anchez isUnited States citizen andsays that over the yearsbeen paying installmentsoffice have been givingexcuses I think I have spent hismoney in vain>> you go to the office and alwaysthey have an excuse. I could neversee the lawyer.>> we contacted the barcalifornia lawyers forknow what someone can dothat you have been scammed and ifis there any wayrecover the money. uscould help them.this fund can reimburse thepeople, total amount that>> yes. the security fundof the client currentlyreimburse up to $100,000.>> in order to request themoney you have to check thesteps, first make a complaintagainst the lawyer and afterfill out the application againstbottom.>> when you have a case thatcheck how much money they havestolen the customer, the insurance iswill take care of that.>> you can do that in theinternet page. Mrsnorma says she waspaying for a long time andplaced his trust in himlawyer who now believes that thelet down.>> they told me if i was goingstep by step, but they did not knowbecause he had not obtained hisresidence.that’s why I trusted to follow him,for what he gave me. it already changeslawyer or go somewhere elseafter tense years. the g isthat money cannot be wastedin the trash>> the representatives of thebar association recommendscheck on their website beforeto contract the services.>> before entering alegal contract with a lawyerfrom california, make sure it’san active licensed attorneyon our website.>> when they enter the pageThey go down until they find the field.there you can put the name of thelawyer to review your history.if the lawyer does notappears, that would already be ared flag indicating that

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