Historical sermon: “Me and Rebbe Moiznitz have passed through generations of hell in this world”

Historical sermon: “Me and Rebbe Moiznitz have passed through generations of hell in this world”

A historical sermon by the Rebbe from the history of Avraham Yitzchak during Tish Tu Beshvat that took place last night (Monday) in the afternoon at the Hasidic Great Beit Midrash in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem, stirs up the Hasidic world. The event included a final seven blessings on the occasion of the marriage of the Rebbe’s grandson, the son of his son Rabbi Yoel Kahn, the rabbi of the community in London and the grandson of the rabbi of the community, the Gersh Bernsdruper, a member of the Bedz.

The Rebbe’s sermon, in which he asked his followers for the first time to participate in the wedding of his descendants, is considered historic in the court of Hassidism, since he never spoke so harshly against the harms of technology, nor did he so far publicly mention the difficult period he went through after the death of his father, the ‘words of faith’ ZTL, and also about the difficulty that Rebbe Moiznitz went through. As a result, things became the talk of the day in the Hasidic world.

‘Ba Hadari Haredim’ brings the full transcript of the sermon. At first, the Rebbe signaled with his hand to stop the singing before the recitation of the ‘Torah’, and declared that “Derech Eretz preceded the Torah”: “Before reciting the Torah I would like to say things of Derech Eretz, which are said before the recitation of the Torah.” The Rebbe said that he wanted to talk about two things; Among the gentiles they start with the easy and then move to the heavy and that is their way of life, but with Jews they know that they start with the difficult and then it becomes easier, so the Rebbe said that he will start with the difficult things first and then continue with the easy ones.

The Rebbe from the history of Avraham Yitzchak last night at Tish 15 in Shvet

The Rebbe said: “We are in the middle of the 10th century in a tribe where everyone is praying for good fruits, and at the same time there are those who are spoiling the fruits, our children, with their very hands.” The Rebbe continued and said: “People come to me to cry that the children are not doing well, either in studies or in other problems, and no You notice that they themselves spoil and are responsible for it, because when you bring technology into the home, you destroy the family and disrupt the children’s brains. It ruins everything.”

Here the Rebbe began to cry and said: “We have already built so many fences against those corrupting tools so that they don’t come in, made regulations, and recently we also went out into the street to demonstrate and protest against the stores that sell it, and there are those who still don’t understand and continue with the same unclean tools.”

“The time has come to put an end to this,” said the Rebbe. In the same way, nowadays we need to put an end to this, and throw these Jews out of the High Court on Shabbat and on good days and even on Yom Kippur with the tallit and the kitel, because it destroys our children as well as everyone who is around them.”

Here the Rebbe attacked the WhatsApp groups: “Recently there are those who have opened ‘different groups’ on these tools, they should be closed immediately, and even those who say it is necessary for a living, must not be connected to any group, the Rebbe asked all the Hassidim who wants to have a relationship with the Beyham.” D. Shelley should protest with all his might against these tools, and also continue to protest with a wave of anger against this loophole and put an end to it.”

Here the Rebbe went on to talk about the joy of his grandson’s wedding, with the granddaughter of the Rebbe of Moiznitz, which will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) in Bnei Brak: “At Sieta Dashmia this week there will be a wedding of my great-grandson together with the great-grandson of my teacher and Rabbi (Hamari Haim), which is not a secret and is known to all Because I was very, very connected to him, Rebbe Amri Chaim, zt’al, and for this reason I feel at this wedding more connected and excited than ever, because for me it is a great joy to match with the Rebbe, and indeed I have already matched with his grandchildren once, but this time it is the first time that it is a different son son”.

“Therefore, I will ask all the members of the community to participate in this wedding, despite the number of weddings in recent times, because this wedding is close to my heart and moves me very much, and I also feel a connection to the father-in-law of Rabbi Muiznitz, since it is known to everyone that we both went through generations of hell in this world, and blessed be who who went through hell in this world that will certainly not have to go through hell again.”

After that, the Rebbe continued to sing and continued to the Torah about the 15th of Shebat, but returned to talking about the harms of technology and said that just as if a person entered the Beit Midrash with a bucket full of excrement, they would throw him out together with the bucket and expel him, this should be the case when you bring your smartphone into the Beit Midrash which is more disgusting than that, they should be thrown outside the synagogue, and if the area is clean, we will be able to grow good fruits in holiness and purity.

Immediately after the recitation of the Torah, the Rebbe began to sing songs of joy, and signaled to the member of the Bedz Ha’aon Rabbi Shmuel Barnsdroper, a member of the Bedz of the ultra-Orthodox community and rabbi of the community who was sitting next to the Rebbe, to dance with his grandson, the groom, after he was prevented from participating in the Simcha, because he sat shiva on his rabbinical wife. She passed away on the day of the wedding, and participated only in the current Sheva Berakhot. The Rebbe strengthened the singing and showed the Hasidim to dance to the applause of the multitudes of Hasidim.


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