History: The Israeli boy is the world champion at the age of 10

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Knitted News02.05.22 21:01 A. Bayer Tishpev

History: The Israeli boy is the world champion at the age of 10

World Champion Eliran Shilon Rahav (Photo: The Israeli Chess Association)

Eliran Shilon Rahav is considered the greatest Israeli promise in the field of chess, with the historic victory today (Monday) in the world championship up to the age of 10 further raising the bar of expectations from the young prodigy.

Rahav has been playing chess since the age of 5.5 and is taking part in a project led by the Israeli Chess Association to encourage excellence in chess – the “gifted project” of the Israeli Chess Association, in which 20 young chess players with the greatest potential from all over the country are active.

According to the project, he receives unprecedented 16 hours a week in the field.

“I saw the great talent and potential and about a year and a half ago I approved doubling the number of hours for tutoring,” says union chairman Zvika Barkai.

Eliran’s father, Shachar Shilon Rahav, said after the historic victory: “We are very excited. This is a tremendous achievement. The ‘world champion’ young Eliran, the world champion added: “It was very fun and very difficult, I am very excited and proud of the achievement, chess is a fascinating and challenging game with a lot of thought and strategy to think what the competitor will do and how you beat him. I am very happy.”

Moshe Katzir, Eliran’s coach and manager of the Center of Excellence, added: “I have accompanied Eliran since the age of 6 at the Center of Excellence in Afula, he is a chess player at a level that Israeli chess has never known, I participated as a chess artist in competitions and I can say he has a promising future! The goal – to be a world champion for graduates in the future as well “

The chairman of the Israeli Chess Association, Dr. Zvika Barkai, added: “Israeli chess is flourishing. In a week, we will host the World Chess Championship for the disabled in Ashdod, and I sincerely hope that the Israeli achievements will continue there as well. “

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the medal and trophy award ceremony will take place in Rhodes and the young Eliran will take the podium to receive the first place gold medal!

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