Hit a tree, a traffic light and three cars

More than once we are sure that in our humble country the strangest and most bizarre cases happen, but this time too our bizarre story comes from the American continent, and it is not (as usual) the USA…

It all started when, a few days ago, the police in Brampton, Canada, received a call about a white Jeep driving wildly in the city’s vehicles – which led to police forces jumping to the scene.

In the video that went up on social networks, it can be seen that the police tried to block the 31-year-old driver’s path, but the latter chose to try to escape through the sidewalk, with only the goal of his escape standing before his eyes.

In the aforementioned video you can see the following chain of events: the driver tries to escape from the police on the sidewalk and gets stuck in a tree. He then reverses into a traffic light pole and eventually a car comes to stop him, and during the whole process he also hits three cars.

Despite all the incidents that just happened one after the other, the local police said that there were no casualties in regards to the pedestrians, the drivers of the cars who were injured in three accidents, and the police forces.

The driver who was arrested is now accused of no less than seven charges including escaping from police custody, reckless driving, and if that is not enough, the latter is also accused of keeping dangerous drugs in his vehicle such as heroin.

At this point, it should be noted that if the driver’s behavior is not in line with logic, there is definitely a “justified” reason for it: the latter was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, according to a test conducted on him by the local police (this is an additional charge, of course).

By the way, the police were not at all surprised to discover the identity of the criminal driver, since the latter had already been convicted in the past of dangerous driving and various drug-related offenses.

If this is not enough, together with the driver there were two other passengers, who of course cannot be convicted of offenses related to driving, but they are also accused of various offenses related to the possession of a dangerous drug.

In conclusion, we note that the event was recorded on several different Twitter accounts of Canadian residents, which caused the story to reach the automotive sections of the world. We can only hope that next time the circumstances will be more positive…

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