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SALZBURG. Humble, concrete, never fearful and above all winning. Once again. All ingredients of an almost perfect toy. The HCB Alto Adige Alperia concedes another victory, the fourth row at Volksgarten in Salzburg, where the red and white, even in the new course led by the master Mason, seem to have figured out how to put wings.

It ends 3-0 for the Foxes, who place with merit the second win in a row of a very positive weekend and they react in the best way to those who, in the post-victory against Znojmo, had raised some doubts about the consistency of the red and white troops. At Bolzano seen in the city of Mozart, everything went very well. Nothing exceptional, let’s be clear, considering the scarce streak of the Red Bulls, nervous and inconsistent in front of a Fazio almost in playoff form.

Bernard and his teammates, however, faced with a challenge that always has a special flavor, produced a treaty of almost perfect cynicism, despite the fact that the one in Austria was only the first away match of the season.

Two goals in powerplay, a goal at the start that put pressure on the opponent, a second half all heart and cold blood, and then again cynicism, in the final period, when McIlvane’s ranks got a little nervous, due to the frustration.

“Fault” also by Fazio, who closes the first as a starter with 33 saves assets after an evening of great work, carried out with masterful attention. For the moment, waiting for the real Boyle, it will be up to the goalkeeper of the national team to dress the ranks of the holder.

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Mason and his team return home satisfied: the three points hit in Austria are a nice boost of confidence for Bolzano’s growth path, which remains at the top and deserves a good 7 in the report card, after the challenge in the house of Goliath Salzburg. The classic, for now, continues to have only one master. Departure launched.

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