Hogwarts Legacy Reportedly Has Over 100 Side Quests

We know that Hogwarts Legacy will be an expansion game, but it will reportedly feature more than 100 side quests along with its main campaign. Additionally, each additional objective will have characters related to the main storyline.

Speaking to GamesRadar, Narrative Director Moira Squier said : “The main storyline is complex and compelling, involving a variety of different characters and viewpoints, but by giving players choice moments throughout the game, we allow them to tell their own version of an epic story.

It also looks like you can approach these side quests from any point in the game, which means your relationship with a character can be built up early or late. These side quests will also change how characters in the main story view you.

This appears to be another neat detail in the heap of possibilities available to players in Hogwarts Legacy. We recently sat down to play the game and get a hands-on look at the Hogwarts legacy, if you want to see more.


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