Holidays 2021, the psychologist: “Think about relaxation, we are all exhausted by Covid”

How to choose the best holiday for summer 2021?

Bruno Tagliacozzi, Jungian psychoanalyst and coordinator of the IdO-Mite School of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy of Developmental Age in Rome, suggests caution: “What I noticed at the end of this school year is that parents, as well as being anxious, are particularly shaken, more than last year. Probably we owe it to the fact that in 2020, with the arrival of summer and the slowdown of Covid-19 infections, we all had the illusion that the worst was over and that we could finally pull the breath “, begins the psychoanalyst,” today, however, after other months of smart working and Dad, with all the related problems, families are exhausted and there is no expectation of an improvement “.

Time must be used to regain family balance

“On the contrary – continues Tagliacozzi – they live with the certainty of a new wave. It is therefore inevitable that the general climate is one of tiredness and disappointment”. In a similar scenario, continues the expert, “focusing on where to go on vacation is a sort of escape for the mind. This summer, even more than on other occasions, the important thing is not so much where you decide to go as the being able to find time to recover family balance “, specifies the therapist.

Simply moving from home to your chosen location is already a big change

“Of course, having behind such a long period of smart working and Dad, which led families to spend a lot of time at home, superimposing the workplace-studio on that of the private one”, continues Tagliacozzi, “already having the possibility to move for a while, represents a notable change. It must in fact be considered that the limitations related to the pandemic, have put many couples in difficulty – underlines the psychoanalyst – to resist were those who started from a good level of harmony, the others are exploded, generating couple and even parental crises “.

The most stressed are the mothers: let’s help them relax

Tagliacozzi continues: “Especially the mothers found themselves, as always, at the forefront, having to manage the work activity and the care of the children at the same time, in an even more complex situation than usual, often following even the smallest ones in Dad”. In light of all this, the therapist continues, “for the summer of 2021 I would like to advise families to try to take a break from homework, commitments and stress. To choose easy-to-reach destinations, focusing less on the location and more on the quality of time. A lot of lightness and above all a lot of play – he concludes – because in the last year we have often forgotten it, perhaps also due to the lack of separation linked to leaving home to go to work, which has deprived many families of joy of the return and of that drive to stay together “.


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