Holidays in autumn: From Corsica to Cyprus – off to an island in the Mediterranean

Holidays in autumn: From Corsica to Cyprus – off to an island in the Mediterranean

2023-09-06 08:04:56

Corsica: hiking in green nature

It is the scenic contrasts that make Corsica so fascinating. Rocky coasts and long sandy beaches alternate with imposing chains of countless 2000m peaks and the evergreen macchia. An exploration of the Cap Corse peninsula with its picturesque mountain villages, a bus ride through gorges to Porto, idyllic views from the mountain peaks and hikes in Corsica’s green nature leave unforgettable impressions, especially in autumn.

An ideal starting point for this is the northwest coast between Calvi and Île Rousse. The trip on the old narrow-gauge railway “Feuriger Elias” from the train station in Algajola to Calvi is promising.

Air temperature: 22 degrees in October
Water temperature: 20 degrees in October
Duration of sunshine per day: 7 hours in October

Sardinia: culture and hanging out on the beach

Warm, crystal-clear water until October, paradisiacal beaches, Mediterranean delicacies, plus a glass of Sardinian wine and numerous exciting cultural treasures from a 3000-year-old, checkered history – no wonder that Sardinia is at the top of the list of dream destinations for many holidaymakers.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island lies on the Rock of Peppino in the south of Sardinia

Quelle: Getty Images/Andrea Lobina Photography

The pine forest in a nature reserve on the west coast of the island, not far from Arborea, exudes a pleasant scent. Unfortunately, you can’t send it via smartphone, but numerous motifs can be collected on the way to the Sinis peninsula: the pink flamingos of the Santa Giusta lagoon, the famous “giants of Mont’e Prama” in Cabra’s archaeological area, which arose in 750 BC Museum, the ruins of Tharros, the lighthouse of Capo San Marco and the 16th century Spanish tower in the seaside resort of Torre Grande. And then you can end the day with a glass of the famous white wine Vernaccia di Oristano.

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Air temperature: 24 degrees in October
Water temperature: 21 degrees in October
Duration of sunshine per day: 7 hours in October

Elba: Picturesque places on Italy’s third largest island

For many it is the most beautiful island in Italy, so beautiful that Napoleon Bonaparte once chose it as his exile. Miles of sandy beaches, secluded rocky bays, bizarre mountains, shady forests, picturesque fishing villages and remote mountain villages lure you to Italy’s third largest island.

The port of Porto Azzurro on the east coast of Elba invites you to take a stroll

Source: picture alliance/DUMONT picture archive/Christina Anzenberger-Fink, Toni Anzenberger

The most beautiful promenade in the town of Porto Azzurro is ideal for a walk. From the Piazza Matteotti, which is planted with palm trees, you walk along the marina to the small beach of La Pianotta. A little further on, the Passeggiata Carmignani starts, a path lined with cacti and Mediterranean herbs up to the former fortress of Porto Azzurro.

Also great: The Vie del Grantio, the granite hiking trails above Cavoli Beach. Incidentally, the famous Elba granite was used in the Colosseum in Rome and in the Cathedral of Pisa.

Air temperature: 22 degrees in October
Water temperature: 21 degrees in October
Duration of sunshine per day: 6 hours in October

Ischia: hot springs and unique sunsets

The largest island in the Gulf of Naples is one of Italy’s most beautiful destinations with its lush vegetation, its pleasant thermal springs, its extensive network of hiking trails and its picturesque coastal towns. In the west of the island, in the middle of the coastal vineyards, lies Forio’s old town with a view of the sea. Tip for the motif at sunset: the pilgrimage church of Santa Maria del Soccorso.

The thermal bath Aphrodite-Apollon is only one of several thermal baths on Ischia

Source: picture alliance/imageBROKER/Erich Schmidt

Above all, Ischia is a Mecca for lovers of thermal baths. Due to its volcanic origin, thermal water with temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees rises in different places on the island. It gets really hot in the bay of Sorgeto in the Panza region. There, the water gushes out from the seabed at 90 degrees, mixes with the seawater and conjures up pleasant bathing temperatures at any time of the year.

Air temperature: 21 degrees in October
Water temperature: 21 degrees in October
Duration of sunshine per day: 6 hours in October

Sicily: A Tour of Etna Volcano

Autumn is the most beautiful time for Sicily. The summer heat has subsided, the sea has the ideal temperature for bathing and the air is pleasantly mild for a cultural journey through time from antiquity to the baroque to modern times. A particularly beautiful baroque jewel is Noto. After the city was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1693, three Italian architects seized the opportunity to live out their baroque fantasies. Noto, with its magnificent palaces, churches and monasteries in the golden yellow sandstone of the Hyblean Mountains, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002.

A hiker enjoys the view from Mount Silvestri on Mount Etna

Quelle: Getty Images/Westend61

Now is also the best time for a Etna tour. While on the south side of the mountain, a cable car and off-road buses transport thousands of visitors to the summit craters every day, the north side, which is much less developed for tourism, is still asleep. There you can trudge through the bizarre, black volcanic desert with a mountain guide at an altitude of almost 2000 meters.

Air temperature: 25 degrees in October
Water temperature: 22 degrees in October
Duration of sunshine per day: 6 hours in October

Cyprus: With Aphrodite on Olympus

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is said to have risen from the sea near Cyprus after her birth. She chose a nice spot for it. Viewed from above, Cyprus features two mountain ranges and the Mesaoria plain between them.

More tips for island vacations in the Mediterranean:

Art lovers will find impressive cultural assets from 10,000 years of Cypriot history. The Kykkos Monastery is not only a must for believers. The views on the journey to Cyprus’ most famous monastery are already spectacular, as are the mosaics on a gold background in the courtyards lined with arcades.

From the monastery to Mount Olympus: After visiting the monastery, we head to the highest mountain in Cyprus, which rises 1951 meters into the sky. In the wine-growing village of Omodos, you can devote yourself to worldly pleasures and choose a wine to take home at a tasting – to extend your holiday in gloomy Germany.

Air temperature: 28 degrees in October
Water temperature: 25 degrees in October
Duration of sunshine per day: 9 hours in October

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