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Erling Holland and Pep Guardiola (Reuters)

Manchester City wants to continue the great form in which it is in, and after the 0:5 against Copenhagen in the middle of the week in the Champions League, the Blues want to temporarily rise to the top of the Premier League at the expense of Arsenal, when today (Saturday, 17:00) they will host South Hampton by Etihad.

Pep Guardiola He was naturally asked about Arling Holland before the meeting and replied: “The petitions to exclude him from the league? It’s a nice joke, I’m thankful he’s with us. He has a great sense for goals and great instincts, he has natural talent and he can still improve in his game, we will all not stop improving until we die.”

The coach added: “You can’t compare anyone to Messi, have you seen how many ‘new Messis’ have appeared in football since I started? 10? 15? They all failed. Arling has to do his career and his job. How many press conferences have I had? All questions are about Arling. The players here accept it perfectly, other players would not accept it after winning four or five championships.”

Erling Holland (Reuters)Erling Holland (Reuters)

On the fact that Ilkay Gundohan’s wife complained about the food in Manchester, despite the fact that he has a restaurant there: “I’m disappointed that they didn’t go to my restaurant, Gundohan won’t play a single game because of that. I will invite Ilkai’s wife to my restaurant,” Pep said jokingly.


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